Say what?

There ain’t nothing he can do, there ain’t nothing he could say that can never ever make my love go away

This type of love isn’t rational its physical.

I am now randomly posting shits! Srsly?


Ok ok now I look like a DICK!!

Didn’t mean to, its just you’re on the same boat as I am. Or not? Well… Oh a butterfly!!

Because I just saw somewhere in between it syncs! Yah kno..


No need to defend yourself.

Get up!

And stay on the scene.

“Kung naging lalake lang ako liligawan ko yun tas papaiyakin ko, makabawe lang ako sa ginawa niya sayo.”


little miss pussy is crying when Ryan Gosling comes around

What the FUCK!?!

And so here’s the situation you two are dating UNTIL one day she found someone more handsome more successful than you and she can no longer be found.

Kili “does not approve” face

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"Babe, does that mean I can never butt fuck you!?"

"No more spicy foods!?"

"I shall never poop!!"